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Take blood pressure anywhere with a smart watch

Apple Watch allows Apple to “make a big fuss” in health tracking, and Apple has a good reason to do so. The entire healthcare market can reach $ 3 trillion, so even having a small share of the market can have the same potential for huge revenue. Apple’s Apple Watch, the world’s most popular wearable device, has even been involved in a recent study on heart disease, so Apple plans to add more features to the medical watch in the future for Apple Watch.

Although most wearable devices and smartwatches today have health tracking capabilities, it seems that all technologies are still on the surface, monitoring, measuring our heart rate at most, and more important blood pressure values Can not be monitored 24 hours. Want to use the heart rate detection device is actually very simple, starting from the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has this feature, through the built-in pulse meter can achieve this goal. However, no manufacturer has been able to monitor blood pressure until a third-party blood pressure monitor is available. However, according to a new Samsung patent, it seems that has found a solution to this problem.

From the patent picture point of view, the Samsung patent smart watches than the Omron’s HearGuide even smaller, which is by far the only one can automatically measure the need for health tracking products. HearGuide screens are smaller than conventional devices, but still require the same amount of inflation as regular sphygmomanometers. Samsung’s patent, on the other hand, relies entirely on a different principle and still has the same visible light as heart rate sensors, measuring their scattered patterns and then using different decoding algorithms to calculate actual blood pressure values.

And this is by far the best feature that can be achieved on the basis of existing technology, although it is not yet certain that Samsung will certainly be using this feature on the next generation of Gear S4 smartwatches. But in the future if we really appear on the wearable device, it can be regarded as a medical breakthrough, you can achieve 24 hours continuous measurement of blood pressure purposes, and abnormal blood pressure values ‚Äč‚Äčautomatically remind us or get in touch with the doctor.

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