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Differences between traditional watch and smart watch

When it comes to smartwatches, what can you think of? Is it the same appearance as a millet bracelet or a watch that resembles the Apple Watch phone? No matter what, have shown that smart wristband device has been deep into people’s daily life. More and more people are concerned about the use of smart wristband products, impressed by the convenience brought by technology to life. However, smart wristband product life issues, has been criticized.

Many companies in the industry tirelessly seek solutions to endurance problems, but often without success. Recently appeared on the market a smart watch called D1, whether it is beautiful and minimalist appearance or its long life, have caused a lot of people’s attention. In particular, the butcher-like price as long as 149 yuan, a major hot topic in science and technology. Why a smart watch can stir such a big wave? I believe you can find the answer in its appearance and performance.

This smart watch from Shenzhen creative story, there are two styles of black and white. And the market is different from the common smart watch is, D1 smart watch retains the style of the traditional watch, inherited the traditional watch the pursuit of technology. The appearance of the use of simple design style, so that more than a redundancy, less lack of points, giving the United States to enjoy.

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