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Mrs Luo’s daughter’s smart watch was lost

Ms. Luo introduced that she lives in Hankou and her daughter attends Huangpi Road Primary School. The day before yesterday morning, after her father drove his daughter near the school, she walked to the school with her daughter. To the school gate, her daughter suddenly found her phone watch disappeared.

“The table is her own money saved last month to spend 1300 yuan to buy.” Miss Luo said a year ago, the daughter wanted to buy this watch, she has not agreed. Later, her daughter saved money on his own, before the Spring Festival, money finally saved enough. When she saw her child wanted it, she agreed to buy the watch.

The day before yesterday morning, after getting up, my daughter was still confused. The watch could be put in the pocket of her clothes and dropped accidentally. After the incident, Ms. Luo quickly called her daughter, but no one answered, not long before the watch was shut down. At noon that day, when the watch was powered on, Ms. Luo found through the app’s location associated with her cell phone and her daughter’s watch that the watch was located in an office building near Huangpi Road Elementary School, but the call was unattended.

That night, Miss Luo’s daughter came home from school, the mood is very low, the cheerful children actually hid in the room for a long time alone. Ms. Luo is very distressed, she sent a message to her daughter’s watch, hoping to pick up the watch to return the watch, her home, there is a long useless phone watch, willing to use to replace the thank you.

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