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The history of an old watch

Cousin is the world in the early fifties from the fur industry into justice food company, when the factory in Guang’anmen Guangyi Street. I remember when I went to the factory to find him, far smell of fragrance far away food taste. Jun brother after being seriously due to his work was transferred to Donghua Mengyi Li food company store manager, he lived in the store, eat and drink, work hard from morning till night.

I used to work near their shops, sometimes to see him, but never had a piece of candy. He said the company is very strict with them and that the food stamps collected from the sold goods must be turned over in full and the votes and the coarse food stamps handed in. Someone suggested that the sum of our purchase price and food stamp should be the same. He said it would not work, we can not do anything contrary to company rules. Later he was transferred to the company, in charge of Supply and Marketing Division, traveled all over the country. Lanzhou, a call urgently urge Yi Li cakes, he even went to the shop overnight urged to complete on time, to ensure the availability. Another time, shipped to Shijiazhuang, he was in the goods over the net, found a few missing the quality of the commodity inspector’s seal, he immediately took out to find the quality inspector, let them cover the chapter he was relieved. He said that we must ensure our credibility so that we can fully trust and benefit all over the country.

At that time, the factory unit was very concerned about the old workers. Because his eldest daughter was a small house, the unit had to give him a two-bedroom apartment. He just gave the employees more difficult than him. He said that we should maintain the fine tradition of righteousness and profit .

Today, the “hundred years of righteousness,” the old shops have more than 100, all over the capital, very popular with the people, the old time-honored, he excited, still remembered the development of the unit.

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