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Huawei watch 3 is going to be released this year

The recent MWC conference can be said to be a feast of digital technology circle, the manufacturers will be at the General Assembly to display their own cutting-edge technology and products. This year’s protagonist is 5G information technology, as a leader in the domestic 5G technology, Huawei has not absent MWC not only shows the world 5G chip.

In addition to new concern mobile phones, Huawei watch 3 release has also become a question of electronic enthusiasts. In this regard, Yu Chengdong, head of Huawei’s mobile business, confirmed to foreign media firm TechRadar that the company is developing the third smartwatch, but said he was in no hurry to release it.

When asked about the launch of the third-generation smartwatch, Yu Chengdong told TechRadar, “We are not in a hurry because Huawei Watch 2 is selling well, so we are launching a new watch later.”

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