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More and more customers accept smart watches

IDC just released a recent report a few days ago, the report said 2017 global wearable device shipments of 115.4 million. And now the Wall Street Journal has released a detailed analysis based on IDC data shows that last year’s smart watch shipments of 32.7 million, an increase of 60% compared with the same period last year. In addition, the average selling price of smart watches worldwide is 380 US dollars, including 17.7 million Apple’s Apple Watch. Since Apple released the stand-alone Apple Watch Series 3, which supports LTE connectivity, Apple’s smartwatch sales have risen dramatically.

So, what is the reason for more and more consumers began to choose to buy smart watches it? Clearly, health-conscious users want to be able to see their movements and health through devices such as Apple Watch. In addition, the original number of low-cost sports bracelet users have begun to buy more expensive smart watches. To adapt to this shift, Fitbit introduced its first Ionic smart watch, which is lacking in app support, but Fitbit is actively working on building an application ecosystem for Ionic, and Ionic’s sales have not been too large Impact. Fitbit has plans to develop more applications for its own ecosystem while introducing more smartwatches this year. Seems to be the original Fitbit smart bracelet-based manufacturers, but also gradually realized that consumers actually started to prefer more expensive smart watches.

From 2015 onwards, the global shipment of smart watches has never exceeded 20 million, with the global smartphone shipments compared to less than 1%. But in 2017 32.7 million smart watches shipments, has reached 2.1% of smartphone shipments, or the first time in history.

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