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Haier released new smart watch Asu

It can project the screen of the smart watch on the back of the projector with a projector. After all, Haier’s primary goal is not to use the smart watch to project the media content onto the wall or the screen.

Like all smartwatches, the Asu smartwatch is designed as an extension to your smartphone and can do the same thing at the same time.

Users can read through the smart watch application-related text and other data on the phone.

With certain features, such as sms, the watch can project its contents onto the wrist, presumably to be easier to read than the smart watch’s display.

Asu smart watches can accurately project their displays, and depending on some of the pictures, the projection and projection of the projector onto the back of the hand may not be particularly visible and sharp, but it does magnify textual information a little bit.

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